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Tech Talk with Dr. Tony Dacy

   Dr. Dacy shares how iRefer, a cloud-based referral application offered by CloudDDS, is improving his practice and his patient care. 

Q: How has iRefer helped you with patient care?

A: iRefer makes patient care simple. Once you enter a patient’s information into iRefer, tracking a patient’s course of treatment is easy. I can share information about each patient with other practices, and they can send updates back to me. Using iRefer is as easy as using email, and my patient data can be reviewed anywhere, anytime. All I need is an internet connection. I cannot say enough about the convenience and ease of the system.

Q: What other benefits does iRefer offer?

A: I have peace of mind knowing all the communication I have with other practices is HIPAA-compliant. Just like medical doctors, dentists have to meet HIPAA standards. With iRefer, I know my patients have the privacy they need and deserve. Also, CloudDDS provides bank-level security for my patient data. In our business, data money. I like knowing my patient data is secure and protected, even if there is a disaster or some other unforeseen event.

Q: What would you tell a fellow dentist about using iRefer?

I recommend iRefer to my dentist friends all the time. A few of them are hesitant about changing to a new referral system, but once they see how easy it is, they are always glad they made the switch.   Fellow dentists quickly see the value of being able to access patient data anywhere, and to follow a patient’s course of treatment. I also emphasize the importance of using a HIPAA-compliant platform for sharing information. By using iRefer, the danger of non-compliance is eliminated.

~ Dr. Tony Dacy, of Implant and Periodontal Dentistry (Boerne, TX), is a Board Certified Periodontist.

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